ApolloPro is the ultimate scheduling software, combining your calendar and email to create personalized schedules with advanced artificial intelligence. ApolloPro is the ideal tool for organizing your professional and personal life efficiently and intelligently.

AI powered schedule generator


ApolloPro leverages advanced API integration to seamlessly connect with your calendar and email, pulling in all relevant data to ensure nothing is overlooked. By utilizing cutting-edge artificial intelligence, ApolloPro analyzes your commitments, preferences, and priorities to generate personalized schedules that optimize your time management. This intelligent scheduling system adapts to your changing needs, providing you with a dynamic and efficient way to stay organized and productive.

Team management and Collaboration


ApolloPro empowers admins with robust tools to manage their teams efficiently. Through advanced scheduling, task assignment, and real-time progress tracking, admins can oversee projects and ensure deadlines are met. ApolloPro's AI-driven insights help identify team members' strengths, optimizing resource allocation. For team members, ApolloPro enhances collaboration by integrating calendars and communication platforms, facilitating seamless coordination and information sharing. This fosters a cohesive working environment where everyone is aligned, enabling the team to work together more effectively and achieve collective goals.

Performance insights


ApolloPro harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to deliver meaningful insights into employee performance. By analyzing data from various sources such as emails, calendar events, and task completion rates, ApolloPro identifies patterns and trends that highlight productivity levels, strengths, and areas for improvement. This AI-driven approach provides managers with actionable insights, enabling them to make informed decisions, optimize workflows, and support their team’s professional growth more effectively.

Employee well being


ApolloPro promotes employee well-being by allowing the setting of custom or manual timers for work tasks and essential breaks. By integrating personalized reminders for activities such as exercise, meditation, and regular breaks, ApolloPro ensures that employees maintain a healthy work-life balance. This tailored approach helps reduce stress, prevent burnout, and enhance overall productivity, fostering a more positive and sustainable work environment where employees feel supported and motivated.

Our key features

Features that will give you the EDGE in project managment

User friendly

An easy to learn interface with graphical representations of tasks, timesheets and to-do lists, a search bar for finding tasks with the ability to sort based on priority .

Admin capabilities

A graphical visual of each user's performance can be accessed with ease. A built in chat module to help better connect managers to employees. Admins can manage permissions for actions inside projects.


Tasks are added to the user's calendar of choise and can also be displayed by grid,drag & drop kanban and ghant charts.

time managment

A smart time tracking system for tasks to ensure project completion on time while being optimized for each employ based on AI performance insights.


Compatible with integrating and using Google calendar, ZOOM for in app team meetings, Telegram and Slack for instant notifications.


10 theme colors for your interface are available.

Professional specialists

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May Chervinsky

CEO, co-founder

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Yarden Bannay

CFO, co-founder

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Gavriel Alhaznov